Our kids ministry is centered around teaching our children the Word of God. We strive to do this in a way that is exciting and on their level. We believe in empowering our children to pursue the things of God at a young age and planting a seed in their hearts that can be nurtured throughout their whole lives.


Sunday mornings we have two separate kids classes. Our toddlers, ages 3 to kindergarten, learn basic but valuable lessons that are easy for them to remember. They receive worksheets and do activities as they interact with one another and learn who Jesus is. Our next class, grades 1st through 5th, loves talking things out and thinking analytically. They learn lessons and Bible stories and in the process begin to connect the dots on basic principles of righteous living. We love hearing all the stories behind the scenes of our classes, because truly, our children are developing a love and understanding of the things of God.


Wednesday evenings, we provide Kids Church for ages 3 through 5th grade. Kids Church is run with the goal of familiarizing our children with worship services, prayer time, and ministering of the Word of God in a way that they understand. We want our kids to be comfortable worshiping and praying for one another. Wednesday evenings is our time to put that into action! We have loved seeing our kids respond to the presence of God, worship in the way they are truly comfortable, and pray for one another sincerely. Kids church is the perfect first step for kids to learn how to be involved in what goes on around our church!